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Suspension Parts (Polybushes)
Dealing with modifying high-performance suspension structures at our company has been our hobby up to know - apart from the main profile of our production - industrial elastic drive trains. However the growing interest in tuning the suspensions resulted in launching a separate production line. Due to continuous works to improve our polyurethane systems /it is also a result of the constantly growing requirements of our clients / among other sectors in the automotive industry resulted in the product with the trade name Qdure-flex.

Qdure-flex - has been developed entirely in our laboratory. It is an elastomer with higher physical and chemical parameters dedicated to the automotive industry - for the people, who are fond of using their vehicles abilities in the extreme situations. So, Qdure-flex is an elastomer of the polyurethane group created especially for the fans of automobile engineering, a product the task of which is to meet the requirements of the automotive sports, in the most severe tests, rallies, track races and during recreation driving. The red series is the top quality as well as excellent properties and parameters of the material - bought with a price - however reliability is a priceless thing:).
The quality of our bushes guarantees 100% of traction in action.
The range of our assortment includes the parts starting from engine mounting through bushes of all types and shapes to elastic connections of the transmission shaft

The polyurethane parts of the suspensions combine precision and excellent control with an exceptional absorption of vibrations. The elaborated compositions of the polyurethane systems enabled to obtain a combination of shock absorption stability and strength. The parameters of the parts produced by our company are far beyond the reach of the ordinary rubber parts. All the production processes are of the top European standards. The characteristic feature of the components is an exceptional stability and repeatability of the series. Moreover. the modified elastomers are distinguished by wear resistance and non-flammability. The parts are resistant to 10% acid solutions, greases, oils and other aggressive chemical products. Unlike rubber they are not subject to ageing - that is why the failure-free work of the dampening-vibrating systems is so long.

We have 10 years of experience in the sector of the elastic automotive suspensions of special purpose.
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